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Jet Catheters are Jet Medical's "Flagship" devices. These state of the art blood purification catheters are gaining acceptance in several countries as a standard in Hemodialysis, Plasmapheresis, and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy.

*Not available in the USA. See Duo-Jet ST for the American version.
Jet Free Flow
Jet Medical presents its premier dialysis catheter, the Free Flow™. The True 360° Flow design eliminates the need for side-holes, maintains greater catheter patency over time and reduces the need to reverse blood lines during treatment. The Free Flow™ delivers an efficient and effective dialysis treatment. Plus, these catheters are constructed with biocompatible materials that are compatible with all exit site protocols.
Jet Flow
Jet Flow catheters can be used for long term implantation where conventional means of access have been exhaused or are contraindicated.
Jet Infusion Line
This new line of Jet catheters includes:
Jet Infusion Catheters,
Jet PIC Catheters, and
Jet LT CVC Catheters.

We now offer Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters in both straight and curled configurations. Both are manufactured using only the highest quality medical-grade silicone and are available with your choice of a single subcutaneous cuff or double intraperitoneal cuffs.

Unlike traditional double lumen catheters, the Duo-Jet II is first inserted into the vessel and then tunneled. This procedure allows exact placement of the cannulas in the vein before tunneling, and adjustable cuffs provide the flexibility to position each cuff optimally in any subcutaneous tunnel.

The unique Duo-Jet ST catheter overcomes several complications normally associated with standard "D" design double lumen acute access catheters. The fixed circular tube within a tube allows for a 360° arterial uptake and reduces the need for reversing blood lines. The design also increases catheter stability in-situ as compared to conventional double lumen catheters, which exhibit a "whipping" action during use.

*Only available in the USA. See Jet-Cath for international versions.

Much like the Duo-Jet ST, the Duo-Jet ST ij has a unique preformed curve design that overcomes patient discomfort, vessel trauma, and catheter kinking when internal jugular access is indicated. This catheter is designed for a low, supraclavicular approach to the internal jugular vein. When inserted in this manner, the catheter will rest comfortably over the clavicle and the chest wall. Recent studies have demonstrated significantly reduced infection and bacteremia rates in internal jugular access with this catheter in the supraclavicular position.

*Only available in the USA. See Jet-Cath for international versions.

The new Jet Medical Peel Cath Sheath Introducers are designed for percutaneous introduction of soft, open-ended catheters, pacemaker leadwires, vascular access catheters, or peritoneal dialysis catheters. The sheath is scored bilaterally so that the assembly may be peeled away in a banana-peel manner, thereby facilitating removal around a proximal luer lock or polyester cuff.