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Short Term
JFFS1515S 15.5FR x 15cm Straight
  JFFS1520S 15.5FR x 20cm Straight
JFFS1524S 15.5FR x 24cm Straight
  JFFS1528S 15.5FR x 28cm Straight
JFFS1512IJ 15.5FR x 12cm Pre-Curved
  JFFS1515IJ 15.5FR x 15cm Pre-Curved
JFFS1520IJ 15.5FR x 20cm Pre-Curved

Short Term
Set Contents:

(1) Catheter with Stylet
(3) Vessel Dilator
(1) J-Flex Guidewire
(1) Introducer Needle
(2) End Caps

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