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Our "Over the Wire" PIC Catheter
is indicated for any regimen for total parenteral nutrition, antibiotic therapy, and pain management drugs. The PIC Catheters’ easy insertion eliminates the need for local anesthesia and surgery for cut downs and/or repeated venipuncture, which are time consuming and expensive.

Superior Flow: Standard PIC Catheters fabricated with silicone are thick wall cannulas. Our polyurethane PIC Catheters are kink resistant, thin wall cannulas, thereby exhibiting higher flows than the same sized silicone PIC Catheters.

Superior Venipuncture: Traditional PIC Catheters utilize a venipuncture assembly consisting of a tearaway sheath over a large bore needle. Typically, a 5FR PICC uses a 14ga. needle. With our Seldinger Technique PICC, venipuncture is achieved with a 21ga. needle.

Firm/flexible Guidewire: The mini mandrel wire (.018”) is rigid enough to stabilize the sheath dilator entry complications and to easily pass the PICC into position. The guidewire tip is non-wound and super flexible, minimizing trauma and facilitating catheter tip placement. The 10cm sheaths are longer which help channel the PICC into the vessel.

The PIC Catheter can be utilized in many different areas of the hospital and clinical settings.

Soft, Biocompatible Catheter reduces vessel irritation and patient discomfort. Soft, thermosensitive polyurethane provides added vessel comfort.

Placement can be peripheral (midline or mid-clavicular) or central (superior vena cava) depending on the type of therapy.

Suture Wing allows secure fixation.

Depth Markings every 5cm allow accurate in vivo sizing.

Small sheath introducer / small diameter catheter.

Available in single or double lumen configurations. Available in sets and customized trays that contain everything necessary for most procedures.