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Central Vein Catheters
facilitate infusion therapy in the critical care environment by permitting the infusion of various drugs and antibiotics, blood sampling, and central venous monitoring. Double and triple lumen models allow multiple drugs to be administered through the same catheter.
  The Jet Infusion Central Vein Catheters provide a vital tool for the intensivist where central access is limited but vital. A small guidewire (.018”) and needle (21g) facilitate safe, small vein entry with the smaller bore catheters.
  Exclusive techniques in resin fabrication have brought together high flow lumens and soft tips into several multi-lumen configurations (double 4FR, 5FR and triple 5.5FR). Soft polyurethane lumens with super soft tips are also available in smaller French size configurations:
•4FR Double Lumen with 20/19g Lumens
•5FR Double Lumen with 19/18g Lumens
•5.5FR Triple Lumen with 22/22/20g Lumens

Movable wing/clamp
Allows anchorage at puncture site regardless of depth of catheter. This minimizes trauma and irritation to the exit site.

Printed Depth Markings
Assist in accurate central venous placement from the right or left subclavian or jugular vein approaches.

Atraumatic tips
Are less traumatic to the vessel, minimizing vessel erosion, hemothorax, and cardiac tamponade. Available in double, triple, and quad lumen versions.

Allows fluoroscopic confirmation of catheter placement. The multi-lumen versions are more radiopaque at the tip to easily confirm fluoroscopic tip placement.

Vessel Dilators
Allow “super soft” catheters to be easily placed percutaneously, thereby ensuring a soft catheter/vein interface.

Quality & Economy
Sold at competitive prices and manufactured under world class requirements.
•FDA/GMP Compliant
•ISO 9001 Certified Quality System
•CE (European) Certified
•Japanese Shonin