Jet Infusion Line

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Vascular Access/ Chronic Infusion Catheters permit efficient blood sampling. Tunnelized catheters help manage infection problems as well as internally anchoring the catheter.

Jet LT CVC Catheters are available in single, double, and triple lumen configurations with a broad range of French sizes to support all patient access requirements. The soft, radiopaque, biocompatible silicone conforms well to vessel anatomy. The integral polyester cuff promotes tissue ingrowth, securing the catheter in the tunnel.

Silicone Characteristics such as softness and biocompatibility enhance long term performance. The softness makes it easy to tunnel and aids in patient comfort.

Tunnelized Implantation is facilitated by a flexible, spatula tunneler.

Percutaneous Vessel Entry is accomplished by our specially designed Jet Peel Introducer Sheath.

Catheter Securement is accomplished internally with a polyester cuff and externally with suture wings at the hub.

Round Catheter Design permits easier catheter insertion and less patient discomfort.

Catheter Diameters are available for varied patient size.

Luers are Color Coded for luminal identification. Lumen sizes are printed on the extensions.